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Chicken Scratch
Baby should be dressed in her finest for Easter and this little bishop fills the bill with smocked chicks playfully encircling the top of the gown.  The sleeves and hem have a contrasting Madeira border of green gingham accented with pinstitching along the curves. It is shown in a size 9 months and is available for purchase ($85)

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Baby Feet
Your little angel will look a delight wearing this pretty little bishop dress. Featuring dainty footprints framed by geometric smocking the neckline is also finished with delicate tatting. The sleeve edges are smocked in the same manner as the neck and are finished with lace. It is of course finished with French seams and is shown in a size 3 to 6 months. ($65)


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This adorable little dress is made of white imperial batiste and is delicately smocked in ecru with a geometric design accented with tiny bullion flowers.  The sleeves are finished with ribbon ties and a dainty heart edging. This same edging is carried to the hem which is sweetly embellished with shadow embroidered blue birds and ribbon, along with a corded pintuck scallop.  It is fully lined. It is shown in a size 3 to 6 months. ($85)

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Becky's Beads
"Becky's Beads" is a delicate yellow broadcloth with white smocking and pastel yellow beads.  It is accented with pastel blue and green beads.($80)

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Little Wonder
Made of a dusky pink broadcloth, ribbon weaving adorns the neckline of this classy little bishop. The smocking is embellished with beads and dainty roses.  The sleeves are smocked  and tied with ribbon. It is shown in a size 18 months. ($80)

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Baby's Blue Gingham
"Baby's Blue Gingham" is a darling little dress with an accent ribbon embroidered with little roses.  It is a size 6 months and available for purchase ($65).

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Diaz Floral Print
"Diaz Floral Print" is made from a sweet little cotton print with laced edged smocked sleeves.  It is shown in a size 3 to 6 months. ($65)

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Diaz Red Dupioni
This pretty little red dress is made from poly shantung dupioni smocked with red beads and lace trim.  It has the appearance of silk but can be washed!  It is shown in a size 3 to 6 months. ($90)

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Pretty in Pink
"Pretty in Pink" is made of a delicate pastel pink broadcloth, simply smocked and embellished with a lace hem border embroidered with matching pink and green to bring it all together.  It was made for and modeled below by Jordan and Jalynn. ($85)

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Angel Wings
"Angel Wings" is a darling little dress made of white imperial batiste with a full dress overlay of sheer voile.  It is smocked in pink with little flowers and the hem is finished with a ribbon border and embroidery in the center front.  It is shown in a size 3 to 6 months. ($70)

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Bishop Dresses With
Collar Overlay

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Hayden's Rose Collar Overlay
Hayden's little dress is made of a rose broadcloth with a lace edged collar of off-white batiste.  The smocking around the neck is accented with rose buds, roses, and rose colored beads.  It is shown in a size 2.  It was made for and modeled below by Hayden.($95)

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Hayden's Green Floral Collar Overlay
This little collar overlay is made of a green cotton print with a lace edged collar of off-white batiste.  The smocking around the neck is accented with a rose vine.  It is shown in a size 2.($95)

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Jalynn's Chiffon Collar Overlay
Jalynn's collar overlay is actually the same as Hayden's only made with a twist.  It has a delicate heart lace edged chiffon collar and of course is made in a pastel green broadcloth.  These little differences give it a very different appearance.  It is shown in a size 18 months.($95)
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Jordan's Chiffon Collar Overlay
Jordan is Jalynn's twin and so her little dress is the same design but in a contrasting pastel blue broadcloth.($95)
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